Gene basic information

symbol CDKN2B-AS1
name CDKN2B antisense RNA 1
location 9p21.3
alias_symbol ANRIL|RP11-145E5.4|NCRNA00089|p15AS|CDKN2B-AS|PCAT12
alias_name antisense RNA in the INK4 locus|non-protein coding RNA 89|p15 antisense RNA|CDKN2B antisense RNA (non-protein coding)|prostate cancer associated transcript 12
Cancerbladder cancer,breast cancer,cervical cancer,colorectal cancer,epithelial ovarian cancer,esophageal squamous cell cancer,gallbladder cancer,gastric cancer,hepatic cancer,lung cancer,melanoma,nasopharyngeal cancer,non-small-cell lung cancer,ovarian cancer,prostate cancer,thyroid cancer,


ANRIL is an oncogene in multiple cancers. It is significantly up-regulated in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) (1), thyroid cancer (2), non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) (3), esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (4), gastric cancer (5), hepatocellular carcinoma (6), gallbladder cancer (7), colorectal cancer (8), breast cancer (9), serous ovarian cancer (SOC) (10), bladder cancer (11), and prostate cancer (12). Overexpression of ANRIL is associated with clinicopathological parameters such as tumor size, TNM stage etc. and can be identified as a prognostic predictor (5, 13, 3, 10, 2). Functionally, ANRIL can promote the proliferation (11, 8, 5, 6, 3, 2), migration and invasion (6, 3, 10, 2) of cancer cells, but inhibit the apoptosis (11, 6, 3).
ANRIL plays its functions by regulating the relevant factors in these biological processes. ANRIL regulates cell proliferation and apoptosis by regulating the related function elements, like KLF2 (6, 3), INK4a, INK4b, PARP, Bax, cyt c, Smac (14, 2, 4, 3, 5, 11), caspse-9, caspase-3 and Bcl-2 (11). ANRIL can also induce angiogenesis by positively regulating VEGF-C and VEGFR-3 (15). In addition, ANRIL is involved with multidrug resistance in gastric cancer cells, and has a positive correlation with the expression of MDR1 and MRP1 (16). Its genetic polymorphisms are significantly associated with lung cancer susceptibility or platinum-based chemotherapy response (17). Besides, ANRIL can induce the stem-cell-like cells (side population cells, SP cells) and reprogram the glucose metabolism in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) cells (1). Moreover, ANRIL can participate directly in epigenetic transcriptional repression (12).

Cancer related information

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LncRNA tissue cancer type expression level oncogene/suppress gene pathway binding gene/factor associated gene/factor proliferation apoptosis migration EMT invasion metastasis prognosis tag PMID
0 ANRIL prostate prostate cancer up onco CBX7+ epigenetic modification 20541999
1 ANRIL esophagus esophageal squamous cell cancer up onco TGF-β/Smad p15INK4b- 24747824
2 ANRIL stomach gastric cancer up onco mTOR and CDK6/E2F1 pathway PRC2, +E2F1 P15-,P16-,miR-99a-,miR-449a- + - 24810364
3 ANRIL lung non-small-cell lung cancer up onco ATM-E2F1 signaling EZH2 KLF2-,p21- + - + - 25504755
4 ANRIL ovary ovarian cancer up onco MMP3+,MTA1+,FN1+,MET+,CDH1-,IMP2- + + - 25845387
5 ANRIL lung non-small-cell lung cancer up onco + + + - 25889788
6 ANRIL lung lung cancer up onco - 25964559
7 ANRIL liver hepatic cancer up onco PRC2, +SP1 KLF2- + - + + 25966845
8 ANRIL liver hepatic cancer up onco - 26045820
9 ANRIL cervix cervical cancer up onco p15- + 26408699
10 ANRIL lung non-small-cell lung cancer up onco p15- + 26408699
11 ANRIL breast breast cancer up / 26409453
12 ANRIL bladder bladder cancer up onco caspse-9+,caspase-3+,Bcl-2+,PARP-,Bax-,cyt c-,Smac- + - 26449463
13 ANRIL colorectum colorectal cancer / / 26708220
14 ANRIL lung lung cancer / / SNP,chemotherapy resistance 26729200
15 ANRIL gallbladder gallbladder cancer up onco p53-,cyclin D1+,ki-67+,caspase-3- + - 26812694
16 ANRIL stomach gastric cancer / onco -TET2 + 27027260
17 ANRIL ovary epithelial ovarian cancer up onco p15-,Bcl-2- + - - 27095571
18 ANRIL stomach gastric cancer up onco MDR1+,MRP1+ chemotherapy resistance 27121324
19 ANRIL colorectum colorectal cancer up onco VEGF-C+,VEGFR-3+,LYVE-1 + + - 27286457
20 ANRIL lung non-small-cell lung cancer up onco +c-myc + 27307748
21 ANRIL colorectum colorectal cancer up onco + + - 27314206
22 ANRIL others melanoma / / INK4a-,INK4b- 27461581
23 ANRIL thyroid thyroid cancer up onco TGF-β/Smad p15INK4b- + + + 27507052
24 ANRIL nasopharynx nasopharyngeal cancer up onco mTOR signal + cancer stem cells 27557514

Expression profile

adipose adrenal brain breast colon heart kidney leukocyte liver lung lymph node ovary prostate skeletal muscle testis thyroid tissue 0.0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 fpkm 0.1 0.5 0.2 0.2 0.3 0.1 0.0 0.0 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.3 0.2 0.0 0.2 0.2 ANRIL

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