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tissues liver

cancer type hepatic cancer

By thoroughly analyzing 510 hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cases and 1014 healthy controls in a Chinese population, the study identifies a novel short tandem repeat (STR) polymorphism (rs35622507) within the KCNQ1OT1 coding region and evaluates its association with HCC susceptibility. Logistic regression analysis shows that, compared with individuals carrying the homozygote 10–10 genotype, those heterozygote subjects who carry only one allele 10 have a significantly decreased risk of HCC, with the risk decreases even further in those without allele 10. Furthermore, genotype–phenotype correl...


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tissues gallbladder

cancer type gallbladder cancer

LncRNA KIAA0125 is remarkably up-regulated in gallbladder (GBC). KIAA0125 can promote cell migration and invasion. Moreover, KIAA0125 can influence EMT by affecting expression of β-Catenin and Vimentin.


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tissues stomach

cancer type intestinal-type gastric cancer

LncRNA KRT18P55 is up-regulated in gastric cancer (GC) cell lines and tissue samples. Additionally, increased expression of KRT18P55 is related to the progression of intestinal type. Finally, KRT18P55 shows potential diagnostic value for GC patients.


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tissues stomach

cancer type gastric cancer

LncRNA KRT7-AS is higher in gastric cancer and positively with KRT7 expression. KRT7-AS can control KRT7 expression at both the RNA and protein levels. In addition, by forming an RNA duplex, KRT7-AS can increase the stability of mRNA KRT7. Moreover, KRT7-AS can promote proliferation and migration of gastric cancer cells.