Gene basic information

symbol TFDP1
name transcription factor Dp-1
location 13q34
alias_symbol Dp-1|DRTF1|DP1|DILC
alias_name down-regulated in liver cancer stem cells
Cancerhepatic cancer,


LncRNA DILC is a non-coding transcript of protein coding gene DILC. It is down-regulated in liver cancer stem cells (LCSCs) and associated with poor prognosis. Lnc-DILC knockdown cells show elevated expression of LCSC markers and stemness-associated transcription factors, increased population of EpCAM+ or CD24+ cells and enhanced spheroid formation. In addition, lnc-DILC depletion facilitates hepatoma initiation and progression. These results indicate lnc-DILC could suppress LCSC expansion. Besides, lnc-DILC knockdown increases IL-6 autocrine signaling, and thus enhances the activation of IL-6/STAT3 pathway in LCSCs. Mechanically, lnc-DILC binds to IL-6 promoter and inhibits IL-6 transcription and can mediate the crosstalk between TNF-α/NF-κB signaling and autocrine IL-6/STAT3 cascade, thus regulating LCSC expansion in an inflammatory microenvironment (1).

Cancer related information

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LncRNA tissue cancer type expression level oncogene/suppress gene pathway binding gene/factor associated gene/factor proliferation apoptosis migration EMT invasion metastasis prognosis tag PMID
0 DILC liver hepatic cancer down TS TNF-α/NF-κB,IL-6/STAT3 signaling IL-6 + cancer stem cells 26812074

Expression profile

adipose adrenal brain breast colon heart kidney leukocyte liver lung lymph node ovary prostate skeletal muscle testis thyroid tissue 0 5 10 15 20 fpkm 6.0 17.0 7.0 15.0 11.0 13.0 16.0 15.0 8.0 12.0 16.0 14.0 11.0 4.0 22.0 14.0 DILC

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[1]. Wang X, Sun W, Shen W, Xia M, Chen C, et al. (2016). Long non-coding RNA DILC regulates liver cancer stem cells via IL-6/STAT3 axis. J Hepatol 64(6): 1283-94. link pubmed

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