Gene basic information

symbol FER1L4
name fer-1 like family member 4, pseudogene
location 20q11.22
alias_symbol bA563A22B.1|dJ309K20.1
Cancercolorectal cancer,endometrial cancer,gastric cancer,


LncRNA FER1L4 expression shows downregulation in colon cancer (1), endometrial carcinoma (EC)and gastric cancer (2). It is positively correlated with PTEN expression in endometrial carcinoma(EC)tissues and gastric cancer (2). The low FER1L4 level is associated with clinicopathologic parameters in gastric cancer and colon cancer (3, 1). FER1L4 can also induce cell cycle arrest and promote cell apoptosis in these three cancer cell lines.
At the molecular level, FER1L4 promotes PTEN expression with an inhibition of Akt phosphorylation (4). Besides, miR-106a-5p suppresses FER1L4 and PTEN (2, 1).

Cancer related information

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LncRNA tissue cancer type expression level oncogene/suppress gene pathway binding gene/factor associated gene/factor proliferation apoptosis migration EMT invasion metastasis prognosis tag PMID
0 FER1L4 stomach gastric cancer down / 24961353
1 FER1L4 colorectum colorectal cancer down TS -miR-106a-5p - - - - 26224446
2 FER1L4 stomach gastric cancer down TS PTEN+,-miR-106a-5p - 26306906
3 FER1L4 endometrium endometrial cancer down TS PTEN+,pAKT- - + 27381864

Expression profile

adipose adrenal brain breast colon heart kidney leukocyte liver lung lymph node ovary prostate skeletal muscle testis thyroid tissue 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 fpkm 0.1 2.0 0.2 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.3 0.0 0.0 0.2 7.0 0.3 3.0 0.1 0.3 0.1 FER1L4

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[1]. Yue B, Sun B, Liu C, Zhao S, Zhang D, et al. (2015). Long non-coding RNA Fer-1-like protein 4 suppresses oncogenesis and exhibits prognostic value by associating with miR-106a-5p in colon cancer. Cancer Sci 106(10): 1323-32. link pubmed
[2]. Xia T, Chen S, Jiang Z, Shao Y, Jiang X, et al. (2015). Long noncoding RNA FER1L4 suppresses cancer cell growth by acting as a competing endogenous RNA and regulating PTEN expression. Sci Rep 5: 13445. link pubmed
[3]. Liu Z, Shao Y, Tan L, Shi H, Chen S, et al. (2014). Clinical significance of the low expression of FER1L4 in gastric cancer patients. Tumour Biol 35(10): 9613-7. link pubmed
[4]. Qiao Q, Li H (2016). LncRNA FER1L4 suppresses cancer cell proliferation and cycle by regulating PTEN expression in endometrial carcinoma. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 478(2): 507-12. link pubmed

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