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Cancercolorectal cancer,


LncRNA Lnc34a is enriched in colon cancer stem cells (CCSCs) and initiates asymmetric division by directly targeting the microRNA miR-34a to cause its spatial imbalance. Lnc34a recruits Dnmt3a via PHB2 and HDAC1 to methylate and deacetylate the miR-34a promoter simultaneously, hence epigenetically silencing miR-34a expression independent of its upstream regulator, p53. Lnc34a level affects CCSC self-renewal and colorectal cancer (CRC) growth in xenograft models. Moreover, Lnc34a is up-regulated in late-stage CRCs, contributing to epigenetic miR-34a silencing and CRC proliferation (1).

Cancer related information

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LncRNA tissue cancer type expression level oncogene/suppress gene pathway binding gene/factor associated gene/factor proliferation apoptosis migration EMT invasion metastasis prognosis tag PMID
0 Lnc34a colorectum colorectal cancer up onco miR-34a- p53,Dnmt3a,PHB2,HDAC1 + cancer stem cells 27077950


[1]. Wang L, Bu P, Ai Y, Srinivasan T, Chen HJ, et al. (2016). A long non-coding RNA targets microRNA miR-34a to regulate colon cancer stem cell asymmetric division. Elife 5. link pubmed

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